Past Events

Event Name Event Date
The Fab Four1/21/1520150121
Ricky Skaggs1/23/1520150123
School of Rock1/24/1520150124
Oscar-Nominated Shorts Program2/14/1520150214
Navy Band Great Lakes2/16/1520150216
Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody2/18/1520150218
The Philadelphia Story2/19/1520150219
Gin Blossoms with special guest VEHICLES2/27/1520150227
The Australian Bee Gees Show2/28/1520150228
Ailey II3/6/1520150306
Amirḁs Dance Magic 20153/7/1520150307
Antarctica: A Year on Ice3/8/1520150308
ABBA Mania3/9/1520150309
The Priests3/15/1520150315
The Goonies3/19/1520150319
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives3/21/1520150321
Psychic Medium John Edward3/22/1520150322
The Wrecking Crew4/9/1520150409
Black Violin4/10/1520150410
Wild Kratts (two performances)4/11/1520150411
Second City Hits Home4/12/1520150412
IÌ¥ll Be Me: Glen Campbell Documentary4/21/1520150421
A Night at The Opera4/23/1520150423
ICT ArtDOG: 24-Hour Fundraiser4/24/1520150424
Shock The Yard presented by Wichita State University4/25/1520150425
Jester Awards presented by Music Theatre Wichita5/8/1520150508
Seymour: An Introduction5/10/1520150510
Chris Botti presented by the Grumpy Old Men5/16/1520150516
Sunset Boulevard5/21/1520150521
Brit Floyd6/8/1520150608
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff (at INTRUST Bank Arena)6/9/1520150609
Celebration of Life for Tanya Tandoc6/11/1520150611
Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Competition6/14/1520150614
Raiders of the Lost Ark6/15/1520150615
Back To The Future6/18/1520150618
Steve Rue6/27/1520150627
"Weird Al" Yankovic7/1/1520150701
The Tribe7/12/1520150712
Empire of the Sun7/13/1520150713
Ocean̥s 117/16/1520150716
Summerland Tour 20157/22/1520150722
Graham Nash7/24/1520150724
Robert Earl Keen7/26/1520150726
Jason Isbell8/2/1520150802
Close Encounters of the Third Kind8/10/1520150810
Jurassic Park8/17/1520150817
Peter Frampton8/19/1520150819
The Raging Idiots8/28/1520150828
The Raging Idiots8/29/1520150829
Tallest Man on Earth9/8/1520150908
Call Me Lucky9/13/1520150913
Justin Hayward9/14/1520150914
Banff Film Festival 9/15/1520150915
The Seven Year Itch: 2015 Classic Film Series9/17/1520150917
Ballet Folkl‰ÛÓrico de M_xico9/18/1520150918
Last Comic Standing9/23/1520150923
Robert Cray9/24/1520150924
The Rat Pack is Back9/26/1520150926
Searching for Home9/29/1520150929
Third Day10/1/1520151001
Donny Edwards10/3/1520151003
Ralphie May10/4/1520151004
Sketch On Stage10/9/1520151009
Chamber Theatre10/12/1520151012
Tallgrass Film Festival10/14/1520151014
Tallgrass Film Festival10/15/1520151015
Tallgrass Film Festival10/16/1520151016
Tallgrass Film Festival10/17/1520151017
Tallgrass Film Festival10/18/1520151018
Swan Lake10/21/1520151021
Asleep at the Wheel with The Cherokee Maidens10/23/1520151023
WSU Songfest10/24/1520151024
Norah Jones10/29/1520151029
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/30/1520151030
Eight Days10/31/1520151031
Rob Thomas11/4/1520151104
600 Miles: Indie at The Orpheum 11/8/1520151108
The Blues Brothers: 2015 Classic Film Series11/19/1520151119
Late Night Catechism 11/20/1520151120
Christmas Express11/28/1520151128
Michael McDonald 11/29/1520151129
American English12/5/1520151205
An Irish Christmas12/9/1520151209
Eddie Izzard12/14/1520151214
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy12/15/1520151215
Christmas In Connecticut12/17/1520151217
School of Rock1/16/1620160116
Brennan World Premiere1/23/1620160123
Girl Crazy 1/30/1620160130
Arlo Guthrie 2/13/1620160213
Oscar Shorts2/20/1620160220
Lisa Lampanelli2/27/1620160227
Amira's Dance Magic3/5/1620160305
Lyle Lovett & Robert Earl Keen3/11/1620160311
A Night With Janis Joplin3/16/1620160316
Harold and Maude3/17/1620160317
PFX: The Pink Floyd Experience3/22/1620160322
Get Motivated3/29/1620160329
Leo Kottke4/2/1620160402
Daniel Tiger4/9/1620160409
Clay Cooper4/19/1620160419
Stephen Fite4/20/1620160420
Thelma & Louise4/21/1620160421
A Night to Remember4/22/1620160422
ArtDOG - Herb & Dorothy4/29/1620160429
School of Rock5/8/1620160508
Dirty Paws5/10/1620160510
Jester Awards5/13/1620160513
A Celebration of This Thing Called Life: Purple Rain & Under the Cherry Moon5/14/1620160514
Bruce Hornsby5/17/1620160517
Pretty in Pink5/19/1620160519
Bobby Bones5/21/1620160521
Dave Chappelle6/10/1620160610
Dave Chappelle6/11/1620160611
Dave Chappelle (2nd show)6/11/1620160611
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff (at INTRUST Bank Arena)6/14/1620160614
Two Wild and Crazy Movies: The Jerk & The Man with Two Brains6/18/1620160618
Down to the Wire6/19/1620160619
Escape From New York6/20/1620160620
Sketch on Stage 2: Return of the Sketch6/24/1620160624
Jared and The Mill 6/25/1620160625
Homeward Bound7/12/1620160712
Black Magic Drink Along: The Witches of Eastwick & Death Becomes Her7/15/1620160715
All Dogs Go to Heaven7/19/1620160719
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly7/21/1620160721
Lost Theaters of Wichita7/23/1620160723
Blade Runner7/25/1620160725
Dirty Dancing8/1/1620160801
Transformers: The Movie8/5/1620160805
Oliver & Company8/9/1620160809
Los Lonely Boys8/12/1620160812
Spice World / Clueless8/13/1620160813
Red Dawn8/15/1620160815
Taxi Diver8/18/1620160818
Magic Men Live!8/26/1620160826
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory9/9/1620160909
Banff Film Festival9/12/1620160912
A Streetcar Named Desire9/15/1620160915
The Anonymous People9/24/1620160924
John Hiatt9/25/1620160925
The Coffee Man9/30/1620160930
Alton Brown10/6/1620161006
Oak Ridge Boys10/7/1620161007
Elvis Costello10/8/1620161008
Chamber Theatre10/10/1620161010
Rockin' Road to Dublin10/11/1620161011
Tallgrass Film Fest10/12/1620161012
Tallgrass Film Fest10/13/1620161013
Tallgrass Film Fest10/14/1620161014
Tallgrass Film Fest10/15/1620161015
Tallgrass Film Fest10/16/1620161016
Wings of Hope10/22/1620161022
Boz Scaggs10/23/1620161023
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/1620161028
Wichita State University Songfest10/29/1620161029
Blue's Brothers Revue11/5/1620161105
The Summit - The Manhattan Transfer & Take 611/6/1620161106
Ronnie Milsap11/10/1620161110
The Royal Tenenbaums11/17/1620161117
Lewis Black11/18/1620161118
Black Violin11/19/1620161119
Chubby Checker11/20/1620161120
Henry Rollins11/21/1620161121
Christmas Express11/26/1620161126
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical12/8/1620161208
American English12/9/1620161209
It's A Wonderful Life12/15/1620161215
Jim Brickman12/17/1620161217
The Hip Hop Nutcracker12/20/1620161220
National Historical Bus Tour3/22/8519850322
The Historic Perservation Awards Ceremony6/8/8519850608
State AIA Convention9/13/8519850913
Wichita Lions Club9/28/8519850928
Magic Show Event5/14/8619860514
Gershwin Festival9/17/8619860917
Updowntowner's Halloween10/17/8619861017
The Great All America Theater Cooking School of the Stars 4/29/9519950429
National Historic Perservation Week Celebration Event5/21/9519950521
Phantom Comes to the Orpheum6/3/9519950603
Wichita Bar Association Show6/3/9519950603
VJ Day WWII Movie Marathon8/11/9519950811
Orchestra Wives8/12/9519950812
Step Lively8/12/9519950812
Four Jills in a Jeep 8/13/9519950813
Tender Comrade8/13/9519950813
The Story of GI Joe8/13/9519950813
The Orpheum Joins The League of Historic American Theatres10/1/9519951001
Mid-America Artists Showcase Inc. Presents Frankenstein4/19/9619960419
Library of Congress National Film Registry3/18/9819980318
Sherlock Holmes Film Festival3/27/9819980327
An Evening of Cowboy Culture4/4/9819980404
An Evening with Jane Goodall4/9/9819980409
Claddagh Ring in Concert4/18/9819980418
Wichita River Festival Event5/9/9819980509
John Wayne Double Feature5/23/9819980523
My Day in a Barrel5/26/9819980526
"1964" The Beatles Tribute6/6/9819980606
Singing Quakers6/9/9819980609
Honey Bee Groove6/20/9819980620
Cessna Presents Excitations6/27/9819980627
Rare Bird House Band10/3/9819981003
Vaudville 76 10/4/9819981004
Leo Kottke10/23/9819981023
Newman University11/7/9819981107
Gillian Welch11/20/9819981120
White Christmas12/4/9819981204
Lift Every Voice12/12/9819981212
Chapel Hill United Methodist Church12/13/9819981213
Dennis Awe at the Organ12/15/9819981215
Martin Luther King Day Celebration1/19/9919990119
Two for the Show: Remembering the Romance of the Orpheum2/5/9919990205
Chapel Hills United Methodist Church 2/10/9919990210
Phenomenal Women: Sass, Class & Style2/21/9919990221
Solo 993/30/9919990330
Sullivan, Higdon & Sink4/8/9919990408
Friends University Orchestra4/12/9919990412
Night of Acoustic Music4/17/9919990417
Six Pence None the Richer4/23/9919990423
Total Voices of Theory4/24/9919990424
Wichita River Festival Event5/5/9919990505
Children's Magic Show5/8/9919990508
Senior Day Celebration5/11/9919990511
An Evening of Cowboy Culture5/22/9919990522
Evolution of Soul6/5/9919990605
Wichita Bar Association Show6/10/9919990610
Bobby Blue Band6/12/9919990612
Jardine Academy Graduation 6/22/9919990622
The Rippingtons7/18/9919990718
Frankie Valens7/29/9919990729
American Theatre Organ Society9/5/9919990905
Billy Crockett 999/9/9919990909
Mr & Mrs. NAACP Pageant10/2/9919991002
Gone with the Wind10/8/9919991008
Pirates of Penzance10/23/9919991023
Keaggy Concert11/11/9919991111
Albion Production11/17/9919991117
Marilyn Maye11/19/9919991119
Martin Luther King Celebration1/16/0020000116
Just the Sax 1/20/0020000120
Clark Terry: Jazz Legend in Concert2/5/0020000205
Terry Clark2/15/0020000215
Captain Kansas' Kids Club3/11/0020000311
Babes in Arms3/17/0020000317
Captain Kansas' Kids Club3/25/0020000325
Pieces of a Dream 4/1/0020000401
Captain Kansas' Kids Club4/8/0020000408
Friends University Community Orchestra4/11/0020000411
Big Band Event4/15/0020000415
Captain Kansas' Kids Club4/22/0020000422
To Kill a Mockingbird4/28/0020000428
Winfield Regional Symphony4/29/0020000429
Captain Kansas' Kids Club5/13/0020000513
Wichita River Festival Event5/16/0020000516
Captain Kansas' Kids Club5/27/0020000527
John Cowan Band6/14/0020000614
Kitty Wells in Concert7/26/0020000726
Wichita Chorus of Sweet Adeline9/9/0020000909
Manchurian Candidate10/6/0020001006
John Hoban in Convert10/8/0020001008
Joseph Vincelli10/27/0020001027
Joan Baez11/2/0020001102
Still on the Hill11/4/0020001104
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten11/9/0020001109
Ultimate Showcase11/11/0020001111
Young Artists Program12/2/0020001202
An Evening in Warmwater Illinois12/8/0020001208
Gospel Benefit12/16/0020001216
Martin Luther King Day Celebration 1/14/0120010114
Classic Cars Cinema - Automobilia1/27/0120010127
The Mikado2/5/0120010205
Grady Nichols Smooth Jazz Concert2/10/0120010210
John McCutcheon2/23/0120010223
Karla Burns: Broadway on Broadway3/23/0120010323
Jeanne Newhall Concert4/7/0120010407
Bryan Bowers Concert4/8/0120010408
Wizard of Oz4/13/0120010413
Paul Winters Consort with the Winfield Regional Symphony4/16/0120010416
Friends University Orchestra4/17/0120010417
Mark Selby Concert4/18/0120010418
King Kung Fu 4/20/0120010420
Midwest Gospel Fest5/5/0120010505
Wichita River Festival Event5/15/0120010515
Blue Grass Sessions - House of Blues5/20/0120010520
Rudy Love and the Love Family5/25/0120010525
Richard Marx in Concert6/2/0120010602
Hank Thompson6/9/0120010609
The Rocky Horror Picture Show6/16/0120010616
Ray Price7/14/0120010714
My Fair Lady7/27/0120010727
Porter Wagnor8/4/0120010804
The Rippingtons8/11/0120010811
Lucinda Williams8/14/0120010814
The Rocky Horror Picture Show8/18/0120010818
The California Guitar Trio 8/27/0120010827
A Streetcar Named Desire 8/31/0120010831
A Salute to Elvis9/8/0120010908
On The Waterfront9/14/0120010914
Sunflower Gospel Fest9/29/0120010929
Wichita Eagle Fashion Show11/13/0120011113
Cheaper by the Dozen11/30/0120011130
Let Heaven & Nature Sing12/2/0120011202
Split Lip Rayfield12/5/0120011205
Chris Cagle12/7/0120011207
Sara Hickman with Big Twang12/8/0120011208
Andre' Kole The Illusionist1/17/0220020117
The Apartment Association1/19/0220020119
Martin Luther King Celebration1/20/0220020120
The Good Things1/24/0220020124
A Hard Day's Night (Classical Movie)1/25/0220020125
Ronnie Laws2/2/0220020202
KMUW Winter Series Partership Presents Patty Larkin2/3/0220020203
KMUW Winter Series Partership Presents The Mikado2/5/0220020205
Sue Ellen Fried2/6/0220020206
Shaft in Concert2/9/0220020209
KMUW Winter Series Partership Presents Porgy & Bess2/27/0220020227
Who Can You Trust2/28/0220020228
KMUW Winter Series Partership Presents The Spencers3/1/0220020301
Lord Carrett & Wild Bill Bauer3/2/0220020302
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers by Trinity Academy3/8/0220020308
Positive Directions Theatrical Event3/10/0220020310
The Damnations4/4/0220020404
Friends University Community Orchestra4/9/0220020409
Ray Charles4/12/0220020412
First Flush Party: Restroom renovation celebration4/18/0220020418
Mr & Mrs. NAACP Pageant4/20/0220020420
Riverlawn Christian Church Vocal Event5/2/0220020502
Spotlight Dance5/3/0220020503
Millie Jackson with Latimore5/10/0220020510
Yankee Doodle Dandy5/14/0220020514
Felicia Thompson5/16/0220020516
Rock Musical: Dead Orchestra, Big Block Hitchcock, Drip, Gulch5/18/0220020518
Smoky Joe's CafŽ6/1/0220020601
The Meat Purveyors6/1/0220020601
The Rocky Horror Picture Show6/8/0220020608
Jethro Tull6/13/0220020613
Sapphire Musical Centre6/21/0220020621
Tops In Blue7/15/0220020715
Petra and the Phil Marshall Band8/17/0220020817
KPTS Fall TV Preview8/22/0220020822
David Bailey Concert9/12/0220020912
The Righteous Brothers9/19/0220020919
Hank Thompson9/21/0220020921
Sean Morey9/27/0220020927
Aviation Film Festival9/28/0220020928
Hungarian Symphony Orchestra10/3/0220021003
Dancing on the Moon (Premier)10/4/0220021004
The Ozark Jubillee10/11/0220021011
The Wichita Wizards10/12/0220021012
The Spencers10/18/0220021018
Nancy Wilson10/19/0220021019
Models and Images Fashion Show10/20/0220021020
The Exorcist and Interview With The Vampire10/25/0220021025
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/26/0220021026
Young Life Chruch10/27/0220021027
My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra11/7/0220021107
Holiday Highlights Fashion Show11/12/0220021112
Michael Martin Murphey: A Cowboy Christmas12/10/0220021210
Spontaneous Combustion12/14/0220021214
Winter Jazz Festival12/28/0220021228
Martin Luther King Celebration 1/19/0320030119
Tommy Emmanuel 1/31/0320030131
Second Chance New Year's Eve2/1/0320030201
Sing-a-Long Sound of Music2/15/0320030215
Bill Anderson2/21/0320030221
Automobilia Winter Party2/22/0320030222
John Baez3/8/0320030308
Heart of America Men's Chorus3/16/0320030316
Leo Kottke3/20/0320030320
Doctor Darla Deck3/21/0320030321
Stage One Presents Tommy4/10/0320030410
Futures Golf Tour4/25/0320030425
Pat Kirtley4/26/0320030426
The Vagina Monologues4/29/0320030429
Air Capital Chorus5/2/0320030502
Phil Keaggy5/4/0320030504
Dwight Yoakam 5/7/0320030507
Wichita Chamber Choral featuring Joseph Vincelli5/9/0320030509
New Jerusalem5/31/0320030531
Wichita Bar Association Show6/6/0320030606
Nickel Creek 6/19/0320030619
Tommy Emmanuel6/20/0320030620
The Rocky Horror Picture Show6/21/0320030621
Rich Man, Poor Spirit6/28/0320030628
Heart of America Men's Chorus6/29/0320030629
Terry Quiett, Piper Leigh, Lander Ballard7/12/0320030712
The Odd Couple7/18/0320030718
Kinfolk Entertainment Presents Angela Bofill, Phil Perry, Ronnie Laws, Gerri Gillispie, Jessie Powell7/25/0320030725
Terry Harrison & The Wichita Community Choir7/26/0320030726
AIA Metropolis7/31/0320030731
Peter Frampton8/10/0320030810
Sing-a-long Wizard of Oz9/5/0320030905
California Guitar Trio9/8/0320030908
A Beautiful Mind9/16/0320030916
Rich Mullins Tribute9/19/0320030919
Prey for Rock and Roll - Tall Grass Film Festival10/3/0320031003
Amani of the Desert - Wichita Belly Dance Event10/4/0320031004
Spanish Film Festival10/5/0320031005
Urban Vibe Smooth Jazz10/10/0320031010
"Good News" East High Class Reunion10/11/0320031011
Splitlip Rayfield & The Gooding Band10/11/0320031011
Steven Wright10/18/0320031018
Models and Images Fashion Show10/19/0320031019
Music Theatre for Young People10/23/0320031023
Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular10/31/0320031031
The Rocky Horror Picture Show11/1/0320031101
Cheap Trick11/6/0320031106
Mark O'Conner & The Hot Swing Trio 11/7/0320031107
Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats11/12/0320031112
Western Music Association Barn Dance11/14/0320031114
Hopalong Cassidy11/15/0320031115
Hard Days Night with Lander Ballard11/29/0320031129
Air Capital Chorus12/6/0320031206
Michael Martin Murphey: A Cowboy Christmas12/9/0320031209
New Jerusalem 12/13/0320031213
KFDI Christmas Movies12/20/0320031220
American English12/27/0320031227
Plus One1/10/0420040110
Apartment Association Awards Ceremony1/17/0420040117
Martin Luther King Celebration1/18/0420040118
Hank Thompson Sunset Tour1/24/0420040124
Automobilia Winter Party1/31/0420040131
Moe Bandy2/20/0420040220
African American Heritage Celebration2/21/0420040221
Mike West, Truck Stop Honeymoon & PoDank2/27/0420040227
Automobilia Winter Party 22/28/0420040228
Jammin Away: A Fundraiser for MS 3/5/0420040305
What's Done in the Dark3/5/0420040305
Kirstie Alley's Wild Ride3/7/0420040307
Images of a Lifetime3/8/0420040308
Spotlight Dance3/12/0420040312
Sing-a-long Sound of Music3/19/0420040319
Hello Dolly4/15/0420040415
Valerie Delfin Entertainers4/18/0420040418
Book of Mormon Movie - Part 14/26/0420040426
John Prine5/1/0420040501
KPTS Reading Rainbow Awards5/15/0420040515
Mike Finnegan6/12/0420040612
Air Capital Chorus6/19/0420040619
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory6/26/0420040626
Montage Theatre of the Dance7/17/0420040717
Ralph Stanley7/22/0420040722
Beast from Beginning of Time7/23/0420040723
Terry Harrison Gospel Concert7/24/0420040724
The Goonies7/31/0420040731
Robert Earl Keen8/21/0420040821
Power of Praise8/28/0420040828
Chris Churches8/30/0420040830
Modern Times9/3/0420040903
Urban Comedy Show9/24/0420040924
The Gooding Band10/2/0420041002
Tallgrass Film Festival 10/7/0420041007
Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats10/13/0420041013
American English10/16/0420041016
Broadway: The Golden Age10/22/0420041022
John Anderson10/23/0420041023
Models and Images Fashion Show10/24/0420041024
Psycho and Night of the Living Dead10/29/0420041029
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/30/0420041030
Bill Cosby11/13/0420041113
A Night of Thanksgiving Turkeys11/19/0420041119
Rob Lake Magic11/20/0420041120
Billy Currington & Against the Grain12/6/0420041206
The Nutcracker12/7/0420041207
Michael Martin Murphey12/9/0420041209
White Christmas 12/10/0420041210
New Jerusalem12/11/0420041211
Cox Christmas Movie12/17/0420041217
KFDI Christmas Movie12/18/0420041218
Jonny Lang1/7/0520050107
Elvis' Birthday Party1/8/0520050108
Fly 92.7 Kick Off 20051/14/0520050114
Martin Luther King Celebration1/16/0520050116
Xenon School of Hair Design Fashion Show1/27/0520050127
Breakfast at Tiffany's2/14/0520050214
Wichita Bar Association Show2/19/0520050219
Leo Kottke2/25/0520050225
Automobilia Winter Party2/26/0520050226
My Fair Lady3/7/0520050307
Dark Side of the Rainbow3/18/0520050318
Lord Carrett & Will Bill Bauer3/19/0520050319
Automobilia Spring Party3/26/0520050326
April Fools: A Night of Classsic Comedy4/1/0520050401
When a Man Loves a Woman4/2/0520050402
Leon Redbone4/7/0520050407
Paula Poundstone4/9/0520050409
Second City4/28/0520050428
Slim Goodbody4/28/0520050428
Spring Extravaganza in Wichita 4/29/0520050429
One Family in Christ4/30/0520050430
Wayne Kerr 5/6/0520050506
KPTS Reading Rainbow Awards5/14/0520050514
Looney Tunes with Century 215/15/0520050515
Stars of Rock & Roll5/19/0520050519
Gene Watson5/20/0520050520
The Rocky Horror Picture Show5/21/0520050521
5 Conversations5/28/0520050528
Stephen Bennett6/4/0520050604
One Man Star Wars6/5/0520050605
Motorcycle Movies6/10/0520050610
Bleeding Kansas6/18/0520050618
Third Hill6/25/0520050625
War of the Worlds 7/2/0520050702
Harry Potter Book Release Party7/15/0520050715
Willy Wonka 7/17/0520050717
Buzz Bash I 7/22/0520050722
Montage - Curbside New York7/30/0520050730
Five Bolt Main - Fly 92.78/5/0520050805
PPP Anime Convention8/6/0520050806
The Beast from the Beginning of Time8/20/0520050820
Back to School film event8/26/0520050826
Friends of the Bob & Tom Show9/10/0520050910
Coal Miners Daughter9/16/0520050916
Mike Marshall & The Music of Brazil9/25/0520050925
Pink Floyd Laser Show9/30/0520050930
Chamber Children's Theatre10/7/0520051007
Chaplin & Keaton: Silence is Golden 10/8/0520051008
Sam Bush10/22/0520051022
Models and Images Fashion Show10/23/0520051023
The Birds & Carnival of Souls10/28/0520051028
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/29/0520051029
Menopause: The Musical11/2/0520051102
Lest They Be Forgotten11/7/0520051107
Tinsel & Toons: A Festival of Christmas Cartoons11/12/0520051112
Moscow Ballet presents The Nutcracker11/15/0520051115
Thanksgiving Turkeys11/18/0520051118
Johnny Rivers11/19/0520051119
2005 Holiday Jam11/20/0520051120
Holiday Comedy Show11/26/0520051126
Loretta Lynn12/1/0520051201
Blind Boys of Alabama12/2/0520051202
Cox Christmas Movie12/3/0520051203
Canadian Brass12/4/0520051204
KZSN Toy-a-Thon12/5/0520051205
American English & Beggar's Banquet12/9/0520051209
New Jerusalem12/10/0520051210
Almost Silent Night12/16/0520051216
Miracle on 34th Street12/17/0520051217
Elvis' Birthday Party 1/7/0620060107
KAKE Extreme Makeover1/8/0620060108
Martin Luther King Celebration1/15/0620060115
107.9 Comedy Series1/20/0620060120
Anime Saturday1/21/0620060121
Automobilia Big Wheel Party1/28/0620060128
An Evening With Jill Conner Browne2/10/0620060210
Friends of the Bob & Tom Show2/11/0620060211
Say Anything2/14/0620060214
Legend Series - The Association2/16/0620060216
High Hat Hattie2/26/0620060226
Amira Dance3/4/0620060304
The Sound of Music by Sunrise Academy3/8/0620060308
The Quiet Man3/16/0620060316
Spotlight Dance3/17/0620060317
Nickle Creek3/21/0620060321
Three Dog Night3/23/0620060323
Rhonda Vincent3/25/0620060325
Kirk Rundstrom: Kirk-A-Doodle4/1/0620060401
April Fools: A Night of Classic Film4/3/0620060403
Anime Saturday4/8/0620060408
David Sedaris4/17/0620060417
T.G. Sheppard5/4/0620060504
Gary Puckett5/6/0620060506
KPTS Reading Rainbow5/13/0620060513
The Road Battle of the Bands5/18/0620060518
Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie5/20/0620060520
Bob Dylan Documentary5/24/0620060524
Buzz Bash III6/3/0620060603
Showtime at the Orpheum 6/8/0620060608
Lord, There's a Stranger in My House6/17/0620060617
Superman I & II6/23/0620060623
Neil Diamond Tribute Band6/24/0620060624
The Great Race6/30/0620060630
N.E.W. Awards7/14/0620060714
Anime Saturday7/15/0620060715
Dark Side of the Rainbow7/15/0620060715
A Clockwork Orange7/21/0620060721
Back to School Movies8/25/0620060825
He Wears Black8/26/0620060826
YEEP Talent Show9/4/0620060904
Rolling Stones Movie9/23/0620060923
Friday Night Lights9/26/0620060926
Work O' The Weavers10/4/0620061004
John Jorgensen Quintet10/7/0620061007
Winfield Regional Symphony10/8/0620061008
Chamber Theatre10/12/0620061012
Friday the 13th 10/13/0620061013
Boys and Girls Clubs Talent Show10/14/0620061014
HIS Jazz Festival10/21/0620061021
Models and Images Fashion Show10/22/0620061022
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/0620061028
Fright Night10/31/0620061031
Belly Dance Superstars & The Desert Roses11/1/0620061101
Fast Food Junkies11/10/0620061110
Jimmy Fortune & The Boys of the Fort11/18/0620061118
John Gorka & Winfield Regional Symphony12/4/0620061204
Ebony Fashion Show12/5/0620061205
American English12/8/0620061208
New Jerusalem12/9/0620061209
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation12/15/0620061215
Buzz Bash IV12/16/0620061216
Phil Keaggy1/20/0720070120
Jill Conner Browne Book Signing1/23/0720070123
Citizen Kane1/25/0720070125
John Prine2/1/0720070201
Wichita Bar Association Show2/3/0720070203
Winfield Symphony with Tommy Emmanuel2/6/0720070206
An Evening with Groucho2/9/0720070209
A Marx Brothers Festival: Duck Soup & A Night at the Opera2/10/0720070210
When Harry Met Sally and Dirty Dancing2/14/0720070214
Loretta Lynn2/23/0720070223
Martin Luther King Celebration2/25/0720070225
Johnny Cash Movie2/26/0720070226
Creation Dance Event3/3/0720070303
State Fair by Sunrise Academy3/8/0720070308
Amira Dance3/10/0720070310
Pot O' Gold and Darby O' Grill3/16/0720070316
PAT Fund Fundraiser3/17/0720070317
Nothing But the Truth - Voice of One Productions & the Kansas African American Museum3/18/0720070318
Menopause the Musical3/21/0720070321
April Fools: A Night of Classic Comedy Films4/1/0720070401
Heart of America Men's Chorus4/14/0720070414
KPTS Reading Rainbow4/21/0720070421
Friends of the Bob & Tom Show4/28/0720070428
Freddie Jackson5/4/0720070504
Shulte Family and Friends5/12/0720070512
Craig Morgan5/17/0720070517
Kevin Harrison and Cameron Brooks É The Reality Show5/27/0720070527
Smoky and the Bandit5/31/0720070531
Ad Astra Per Africa 6/2/0720070602
Wichita Bar Association Show6/7/0720070607
Love in all the Wrong Faces6/16/0720070616
Craig Morgan6/20/0720070620
Music Theatre for Young People6/22/0720070622
Hall Pass6/23/0720070623
Gordon Lightfoot 6/27/0720070627
Brian Regan6/29/0720070629
Music Theatre for Young People7/14/0720070714
Heart of America Men's Chorus7/21/0720070721
The Godfather7/26/0720070726
Music Theatre for Young People8/3/0720070803
The Manhattan Transfer8/4/0720070804
Back to School Bash by Power 93.9 KDGS/Entercom8/17/0720070817
Star Wars8/30/0720070830
Taj Mahal9/9/0720070909
An Evening with Clint Black9/25/0720070925
Sunset Boulevard9/27/0720070927
Chamber Theatre10/5/0720071005
Bob and Tom Comedy All Stars10/6/0720071006
Star Party Sponsored by Power 96.3 10/7/0720071007
Stage One Presents Mandy Patinkin10/19/0720071019
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/0720071020
Models and Images Fashion Show10/21/0720071021
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/27/0720071027
Dracula and Nosferatu10/31/0720071031
The Smothers Brothers11/2/0720071102
Lou Rawls11/4/0720071104
Ailey II11/10/0720071110
Lest They be Forgotten11/11/0720071111
Planet 9 From Outerspace & The Terror of Tiny Town11/13/0720071113
Action Institute: The Call of the Entrepreneur11/14/0720071114
Nickel Creek11/15/0720071115
Holiday Jam / Power 93.911/21/0720071121
Heart of America Men's Chorus12/1/0720071201
Bill Condiff Dedication of Ticket Booth & Philadelphia Story12/7/0720071207
American English12/8/0720071208
Ebony Fashion Show12/11/0720071211
A Christmas Story12/13/0720071213
A News Revuesical: Christmas on the Fringe12/15/0720071215
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas12/15/0720071215
Moscow Ballet Presents The Nutcracker12/16/0720071216
A Greater Tuna Christmas12/22/0720071222
Sweeny Todd 1936 Release 12/27/0720071227
Lisa Blake in Concert1/12/0820080112
Starwars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back1/17/0820080117
Kansas African American Museum MLK Celebration1/20/0820080120
Jill Conner Browne Book Signing1/29/0820080129
Harlem Gospel Choir1/31/0820080131
The Great American Trailer Park Musical2/8/0820080208
Doctor Zhivago2/14/0820080214
Elite Dance Competition2/16/0820080216
Lost in the 50Õs: The Musical2/23/0820080223
Feast of the Assumption: The Otero Family Murders2/25/0820080225
The Art Form Group3/5/0820080305
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers by Sunrise Christian Academy3/13/0820080313
2nd Annual PAT Bash3/15/0820080315
Lone Chimney Films Presents Jed Marum3/16/0820080316
A Fashion Extravaganza to Benefit Leukemia Lymphoma Society with Super Model Jessica White3/22/0820080322
A Night at the Orpheum by Wichita Heights High School3/27/0820080327
Amira Dance3/29/0820080329
Heart of America MenÕs Chorus4/5/0820080405
Hank and my Honky Tonk Heroes: Jason Petty4/11/0820080411
A Night of April Fools4/17/0820080417
Jack Jones4/18/0820080418
Raiders of the Lost Ark5/1/0820080501
Creation Dance Competition5/3/0820080503
Orpheum Car Show5/4/0820080504
Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership5/13/0820080513
Amira Dance5/29/0820080529
Air: Through a Glass Production5/31/0820080531
Music Theatre for Young People6/6/0820080606
The Winter Dance Party6/7/0820080607
Hugh OÕBrian Youth Leadership6/13/0820080613
The Kingston Trio6/13/0820080613
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 6/19/0820080619
Music Theatre for Young People6/20/0820080620
Gracie Rose and My Day in the Barrel / Films on Consignment6/21/0820080621
Everyday Sunday Battle of the Bands6/22/0820080622
For the Bible Tells Me So (Film)6/26/0820080626
The Goonies 7/17/0820080717
Heart of America Men's Chorus7/26/0820080726
Music Theatre for Young People8/1/0820080801
KC Haywood Final Tour8/2/0820080802
All About Eve and Jezebel8/8/0820080808
Gentleman Prefer Blondes and There's No Business Like Show Business8/9/0820080809
Frank Caliendo8/14/0820080814
Back to the Future8/21/0820080821
Power 93.9 Back to School Bash 8/22/0820080822
Gay Up Stand Up with Jason Dudey9/5/0820080905
Sing-a-long Grease9/6/0820080906
Backwoods Film Festival9/8/0820080908
Banff Mountain Film Festival / Backwoods9/8/0820080908
Starwars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi9/18/0820080918
Shirley Jones9/19/0820080919
The Veronica's9/22/0820080922
Breathless: An Evening of Grand Illusions and Death Defying Escapes9/25/0820080925
Denny Jiosa with Special Guest Joeseph Vincelli9/27/0820080927
Chamber Theatre10/3/0820081003
California Guitar Trio10/4/0820081004
Flunked: Flint Hills Center for Public Policy10/8/0820081008
The Temptations10/10/0820081010
Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre10/18/0820081018
Models and Images Fashion Show10/19/0820081019
Sarah Vowell: The Wordy Shipmates10/22/0820081022
Lisa Lampanelli10/25/0820081025
Tallgrass Film Festival10/25/0820081025
Young Frankenstein and Frankenstein10/31/0820081031
It's a Wonderful Life11/20/0820081120
The Vienna Boys Choir11/21/0820081121
Praise Dance Expo11/22/0820081122
Christmas Express11/28/0820081128
Heart of America Men's Chorus12/6/0820081206
Moscow Ballet's The Great Nutcracker12/8/0820081208
Joshua Nelson12/9/0820081209
Point of Grace12/10/0820081210
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas12/13/0820081213
American English12/15/0820081215
SUPERMAN: The Movie (30th Anniversary)12/16/0820081216
White Christmas 12/18/0820081218
Santa Claus and the True Meaning of Christmas 12/22/0820081222
Music Theatre for Young People1/2/0920090102
Breaking the Sound Barrier1/10/0920090110
Blues Brothers 1/15/0920090115
Nunsense Starring Sally Sruthers 1/16/0920090116
Kansas African American Museum MLK Celebration1/18/0920090118
Alithea Mime Theatre1/23/0920090123
Tops In Blue2/3/0920090203
KPTS Antiques Road Show2/8/0920090208
The Sixth Sense2/13/0920090213
Henry Welch2/14/0920090214
West Side Story2/19/0920090219
16th Annual Friends University Jazz Festival with Gordon Goodwin's Phat Band2/21/0920090221
Elite Dance Competition2/28/0920090228
Slim Goodbody3/2/0920090302
A News Revuesical: Leprechauns a Wee Bit on the Fringe3/6/0920090306
Amira Dance3/7/0920090307
Cinderella by Sunrise Christain Academy3/12/0920090312
Pimps in the Pulpit3/14/0920090314
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 3/19/0920090319
Pat Travers and Arlee Anderson3/20/0920090320
Tommy Emmanuel 3/21/0920090321
Heart of America Men's Chorus3/28/0920090328
Art of Imagination Featuring Garry Carson3/31/0920090331
The Cake Eaters4/9/0920090409
Alice's Restaurant4/14/0920090414
Arlo Guthrie4/15/0920090415
Star Trek: The Movie4/16/0920090416
Kris Kristofferson4/18/0920090418
Gilligan's Island4/28/0920090428
Old House Rocks with 3 Ring Circus and Ten Day Wish5/1/0920090501
Orpheum Car Show5/3/0920090503
2001: A Space Odyssey5/21/0920090521
Gay Up Stand Up with Jason Dudey5/23/0920090523
Bryan Adams6/5/0920090605
Suzanne Westenhoefer6/6/0920090606
Hugh OÕBrian Youth Leadership6/12/0920090612
The Muppet Movie6/18/0920090618
Easy Rider6/19/0920090619
Neil Sedaka7/17/0920090717
Freaknik Jam7/25/0920090725
Brian Adams Concert7/29/0920090729
Music Theatre for Young People7/31/0920090731
The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca8/7/0920090807
My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday8/8/0920090808
Brenda Lee8/14/0920090814
Freaknik Jam8/29/0920090829
Wichita Black Arts Festival 9/4/0920090904
Banff Mountain Film Festival 9/7/0920090907
Heart of America Men's Chorus9/19/0920090919
Singin' in the Rain9/24/0920090924
Johnny Rivers9/26/0920090926
Chamber Theatre10/2/0920091002
Glenn Miller Orchestra10/2/0920091002
Grace Fest Featuring Christopher Cody10/3/0920091003
Patty Loveless10/10/0920091010
Joe Bonamassa10/15/0920091015
Sweet Adelines10/17/0920091017
Models and Images Fashion Show10/18/0920091018
Doug Rumple Memorial 10/19/0920091019
Tallgrass Film Festival 10/23/0920091023
The Shining10/31/0920091031
David Keltz does Edgar Allen Poe / Wichita Public Library Foundation11/7/0920091107
2nd Annual Praise Dance Expo11/14/0920091114
A Christmas Carol11/19/0920091119
Christmas Express11/28/0920091128
Bowfire - Holiday Heart Strings12/5/0920091205
Joshua Nelson 12/6/0920091206
4th Annual Holiday Jam / Power 93.912/10/0920091210
Heart of America Men's Chorus12/12/0920091212
Vance Holiday Party12/15/0920091215
The Baldknobbers / Village Tours12/16/0920091216
A Christmas Story12/17/0920091217
American English12/18/0920091218
Grace Point Community Church12/24/0920091224
The Lettermen1/15/1020100115
Martin Luther King Celebration 1/16/1020100116
The Wiz1/21/1020100121
Tops In Blue1/28/1020100128
Joan Rivers2/4/1020100204
Slim Goodbody2/5/1020100205
Gone with the Wind2/17/1020100217
Pretty in Pink2/18/1020100218
Elite Dance Competition2/27/1020100227
The King and I by Sunrise Christian Academy3/4/1020100304
Amira Dance 3/6/1020100306
Godspell / Central Christian Church3/12/1020100312
Photo Club3/13/1020100313
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest3/18/1020100318
The Return of Fros-T3/20/1020100320
The Miss Kansas International Pageant 3/27/1020100327
Reality Show Featuring Gary Carson 3/30/1020100330
Winter Dance Party - Official Tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper 4/3/1020100403
The Great Muppet Caper4/8/1020100408
The Dead Can't Dance4/10/1020100410
Heart of America Men's Chorus4/24/1020100424
Lisa Lampanelli4/29/1020100429
Shock the Yard5/1/1020100501
3rd Annual Orpheum Car Show5/2/1020100502
Ditch Your Mom On Mother's Day 5/9/1020100509
The Karate Kid5/20/1020100520
The Wiyos of Oz5/27/1020100527
Eric Lee Preminger - My G-String Mother6/5/1020100605
Furlough Follies - In 3D 6/10/1020100610
The 4th Congressional Seat Republican Debate6/16/1020100616
Boyz II Men6/18/1020100618
And What Remains6/19/1020100619
The Raleigh Ringers6/23/1020100623
The Rocky Horror Picture Show6/25/1020100625
War Stories6/26/1020100626
First Friday with Colton & Zara 7/2/1020100702
Kansas International Queens7/11/1020100711
Blazing Saddles 7/22/1020100722
Marvin Hamlisch7/30/1020100730
Lyle Lovett7/31/1020100731
Scott MacIntyre8/5/1020100805
Icon Mini Film Series - True Grit & Rio Bravo8/6/1020100806
Icon Mini Film Series - The Philidelphia Story & Bringing Up Baby8/7/1020100807
The Order of Precious Blood Nuns8/7/1020100807
Loretta Lynn8/13/1020100813
KDGS Power 93.9 Back to School Bash8/20/1020100820
Wichita Media 8/31/1020100831
First Friday with Spirit of the Stairs9/3/1020100903
Banff Mountain Film Festival9/14/1020100914
Jeanette Walls book signing9/15/1020100915
The Big Lebowski9/16/1020100916
Johnny Cash Tribute with Jackson Cash9/18/1020100918
Final Friday Preview Party for the Red Chair Affair9/24/1020100924
Sing-a-long Sound of Music9/25/1020100925
Chamber Theatre9/30/1020100930
Tommy Emmanuel 9/30/1020100930
Elliot Road, Raging Sea and Nikki Moddelmog10/1/1020101001
Reel Injun10/5/1020101005
Emerald City Chorus and Sweet Adelines10/9/1020101009
Sara Gruen10/11/1020101011
Michael Bolton10/12/1020101012
Wichita Bar Association Show10/13/1020101013
A Rocket to the Moon10/14/1020101014
Praise Dance Expo10/16/1020101016
Models and Images Fashion Show10/17/1020101017
Wesley Talent Show 10/21/1020101021
Tallgrass Film Festival10/22/1020101022
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/23/1020101023
The Diary of Anne Frank 10/27/1020101027
The Dead Can't Dance10/29/1020101029
Deep Down11/1/1020101101
John Prine11/5/1020101105
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart11/13/1020101113
ABBA Mania 11/19/1020101119
Jukebox Saturday Night 11/20/1020101120
Christmas Express11/27/1020101127
First Friday Concert12/3/1020101203
The Calling12/5/1020101205
Mickey Gilley 12/11/1020101211
4Troops 12/15/1020101215
Miracle on 34th Street12/16/1020101216
American English12/17/1020101217
Ferguson Enterprises12/18/1020101218
Pop & the Boys - First Friday1/7/1120110107
KPTS Community Cinema: For Once in my Life1/13/1120110113
Aaron Lee Martin1/15/1120110115
KPTS Community Cinema2/15/1120110215
The Princess' Bride2/17/1120110217
Do It Again2/18/1120110218
Justin Francis2/19/1120110219
Heston College- School Performance2/21/1120110221
Eves Retirement Party2/25/1120110225
The Blind Side: Film Fundraiser for Leukemia/Lymphomia Society 2/25/1120110225
Oscar Shorts 2/26/1120110226
Tops in Blue3/4/1120110304
Amira Dance3/5/1120110305
KPTS: Pushing the Elephant3/6/1120110306
Sweet Adelines3/7/1120110307
Mystery of Wine3/8/1120110308
Glenn Miller 3/11/1120110311
John Edwards 3/16/1120110316
Meet Me in St. Louis 3/17/1120110317
First Friday Concert4/1/1120110401
Halfway to Winfield concert4/2/1120110402
Wizard of Oz Sing-a-long4/3/1120110403
Extreme Home Makeover Watch Party4/17/1120110417
The Never Ending Story4/21/1120110421
WSU Contemporary Dance4/23/1120110423
Jazz Animation Film4/28/1120110428
Shock the Yard4/30/1120110430
Orpheum Car Show5/1/1120110501
Universal Harmony5/1/1120110501
Tower of Power5/5/1120110505
Wichita Has Talent5/7/1120110507
Lily Tomlin5/9/1120110509
Food Inc.5/12/1120110512
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life5/19/1120110519
Tommy Emmanuel 5/20/1120110520
Martin Short5/21/1120110521
MGM Studio Dance Recital5/25/1120110525
LIV Festival6/17/1120110617
Cabaret Film6/23/1120110623
311 Blockparty7/6/1120110706
Terry Quiett7/15/1120110715
Little Shop of Horrors (Film)7/21/1120110721
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones7/23/1120110723
Merle Haggard7/28/1120110728
Donny Edwards One Night With Elvis 7/29/1120110729
James Dean Iconic Films8/5/1120110805
Astaire & Rogers Iconic Films8/6/1120110806
Aviation Film Festival8/13/1120110813
Martin Sexton8/17/1120110817
Hedwig and the Angry Itch8/18/1120110818
Riders in the Sky8/19/1120110819
Truckstop Honeymoon8/20/1120110820
Emerald City Chorus8/27/1120110827
Sweet Adelines8/27/1120110827
The Temptations9/2/1120110902
Banff Mountain Film Festival9/13/1120110913
The Three Musketeers9/15/1120110915
Lewis Black9/22/1120110922
Roseanne Cash9/23/1120110923
Wynton Marsalis9/28/1120110928
Boston Children's Theatre10/11/1120111011
An Evening with Gilian Welch10/12/1120111012
Cirque Boomtown 10/19/1120111019
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/1120111020
In the Mood: 1940's Big Band10/27/1120111027
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/1120111028
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein10/29/1120111029
King Kung Fu 11/4/1120111104
Praise Dance Expo11/5/1120111105
The Blind Boys of Alabama11/9/1120111109
Hal Holbrook11/12/1120111112
It's a Wonderful Life 11/17/1120111117
Christmas Express11/26/1120111126
Moscow Ballet presents The Nutcracker12/8/1120111208
Brian Setzer12/9/1120111209
American English12/10/1120111210
Grace Point Church Christmas Show12/13/1120111213
White Christmas 12/15/1120111215
Brian Regan1/6/1220120106
First Friday Concert1/6/1220120106
Martin Luther King Celebration 1/15/1220120115
Scent of a Woman1/19/1220120119
Craig Ferguson1/27/1220120127
Donny Edwards Concert: One Night With Elvis 1/28/1220120128
B.B. King2/14/1220120214
An Affair to Remember2/16/1220120216
Paul Robeson: I Go On Singing2/21/1220120221
Oscar Shorts presented by the Wichita Public Library2/25/1220120225
Los Lobos2/28/1220120228
John McCutcheon3/2/1220120302
Amira Dance3/3/1220120303
Logan Mize3/9/1220120309
Terry Quiett3/10/1220120310
To Kill a Mockingbird3/15/1220120315
Experience Hendrix3/29/1220120329
Halfway to Winfield concert3/31/1220120331
First Friday Concert4/6/1220120406
Halfway to Tallgrass Film presentation4/21/1220120421
Singin' in the Rain4/26/1220120426
WSU Shock the Yard: A Dance Show4/28/1220120428
Glen Campbell4/29/1220120429
Buddy Guy5/3/1220120503
WSU Contemporary Dance5/5/1220120505
The Fresh Beat Band5/11/1220120511
The Bellamy Brothers5/12/1220120512
The Graduate5/17/1220120517
Music Theatre Wichita Annual Jester Awards Ceremony5/18/1220120518
Red Green's Comedy Tour5/19/1220120519
MGM Studio Dance Recital5/24/1220120524
Glenn Miller Orchestra6/1/1220120601
Gentleman Prefer Blondes6/3/1220120603
Tallgrass Film Association Riverfest film 6/9/1220120609
LIV Festival featuring Chris Mann6/15/1220120615
The Seven Year Itch 6/17/1220120617
Pink Floyd: The Wall6/21/1220120621
The Artist6/22/1220120622
Winter Dance Party6/30/1220120630
How to Marry a Millionare7/1/1220120701
Jonny Lang7/8/1220120708
Del McCoury Band with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band7/13/1220120713
Bus Stop7/15/1220120715
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 7/19/1220120719
Mary Chapin Carpenter7/22/1220120722
Some Like it Hot8/5/1220120805
Tallgrass Film Association Down to the Wire film competition8/12/1220120812
Michael Martin Murphey8/17/1220120817
Tower of Power8/18/1220120818
The Misfits 8/19/1220120819
Bernadette Peters 8/25/1220120825
Wonders of Mexico9/8/1220120908
Banff Mountain Film Festival9/11/1220120911
Spirit of the Stairs9/15/1220120915
Bridge over River Kwai9/20/1220120920
Bryan Adams 9/21/1220120921
Frank Lloyd Wright Film Festival9/22/1220120922
Chick Corea & Gary Burton With The Harlem String Quartet 9/28/1220120928
Donnie Edwards9/29/1220120929
George Jones 10/4/1220121004
Ralphie May10/7/1220121007
Esperanza Spalding10/10/1220121010
Imagination Movers: a Children's Concert10/12/1220121012
Models and Images Fashion Show10/14/1220121014
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/1220121020
Bride of Frankenstein10/25/1220121025
The Selling10/26/1220121026
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/26/1220121026
Wichita Big Read presents The Great Gatsby10/27/1220121027
Harvesting the High Plains11/9/1220121109
Jackson Browne11/11/1220121111
The Godfather11/15/1220121115
Branford Marsalis11/16/1220121116
Praise Dance Expo11/17/1220121117
Christmas Express11/24/1220121124
Wesley Has Talent: A Variety Show11/27/1220121127
Mark Lundholm11/28/1220121128
Final Friday Concert11/30/1220121130
In the Mood - 1940's Big Band12/6/1220121206
The Big Chill1/17/1320130117
Don Pasquale2/9/1320130209
Drumline Live2/10/1320130210
Tracy Morgan2/13/1320130213
Friends University Jazz Festival Presents Count Basie Orchestra2/16/1320130216
John Denver: A Rocky Mountain High Tribute Concert2/19/1320130219
From Here to Eternity3/21/1320130321
West of Memphis3/22/1320130322
The Trey McIntyre Project 3/29/1320130329
Spyro Gyra3/30/1320130330
Smash Mouth4/7/1320130407
Super Why! Live 4/14/1320130414
The Sting4/18/1320130418
Brit Floyd 5/1/1320130501
Room 2375/3/1320130503
Wichita Contemporary Dance Theatre 5/11/1320130511
John Anderson5/18/1320130518
Grease (A Rockin' Rydell Sing-a-long)5/23/1320130523
Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone6/3/1320130603
The Tenors6/8/1320130608
King Kong6/13/1320130613
Bill Cosby6/21/1320130621
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkiban6/24/1320130624
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire7/1/1320130701
American Graffiti7/18/1320130718
Reza The Illusionist 7/20/1320130720
Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo 8/6/1320130806
Roman Holiday8/15/1320130815
Dwight Yoakam 8/20/1320130820
Moreland & Arbuckle 8/23/1320130823
Labor Day Laughter 9/2/1320130902
Johnny Mathis 9/8/1320130908
Banff Mountain Film Festival9/10/1320130910
Saving Private Ryan9/19/1320130919
Bob & Tom Comedy Show9/27/1320130927
The Kingston Trio9/28/1320130928
Aaron Neville10/3/1320131003
John Edward10/8/1320131008
An Intimate Acoustic Evening With Clint Black 10/11/1320131011
Night of The Living Dead10/24/1320131024
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/25/1320131025
Taj Mahal10/26/1320131026
Mel Tillis10/31/1320131031
Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin11/1/1320131101
Glenn Miller Orchestra11/7/1320131107
Rhonda Vincent and the Rage: The Queen of Bluegrass11/8/1320131108
Bill Burr11/17/1320131117
ABBA Mania 11/18/1320131118
A Fish Called Wanda11/21/1320131121
SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody11/23/1320131123
The Priests12/4/1320131204
American English12/14/1320131214
It's a Wonderful Life12/19/1320131219
Forrest Gump1/16/1420140116
The Four Tops1/25/1420140125
Joseph Hall2/1/1420140201
It Happened One Night (80th Anniversary)2/20/1420140220
Sid the Science Kid2/21/1420140221
Willie Nelson3/5/1420140305
Gordon Lightfoot3/19/1420140319
Dinosaur Train Live: Buddy's Big Adventure3/21/1420140321
One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and the Works3/24/1420140324
The Tontons4/3/1420140403
Ragamuffin (The True Story of Rich Mullins)4/16/1420140416
Rear Window (60th Anniversary Screening)4/17/1420140417
Drive by Truckers4/18/1420140418
Gavin Degraw with Parachute4/21/1420140421
Kenny Rogers5/8/1420140508
Under the Street Lamp with Gentlemen's Rule5/9/1420140509
Scooby-Doo Live! 5/12/1420140512
Jared and the Mill5/27/1420140527
Creature From the Black Lagoon (60th Anniversary in 3D)6/10/1420140610
Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes Tour6/16/1420140616
The Power of Music with Ethan Bortnick6/20/1420140620
Los Lonely Boys6/24/1420140624
Graham Colton6/26/1420140626
Grease: A Rockin' Rydell6/27/1420140627
Paula Poundstone 6/28/1420140628
Starship (Ft. Mickey Thomas)6/29/1420140629
The Curse of the Black Pearl7/7/1420140707
Dead Man's Chest7/14/1420140714
Tommy Emmanuel 7/17/1420140717
Girls Night the Musical 7/19/1420140719
Jackson Browne7/21/1420140721
At World's End7/28/1420140728
On Stranger's Tides8/4/1420140804
Barenaked Ladies8/6/1420140806
Rockin' with Rockwell8/16/1420140816
Chris Isaak8/20/1420140820
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (65th Anniversary)8/21/1420140821
John Mueller's Winter Dance Party8/23/1420140823
Lyle Lovett and his Large Band 9/7/1420140907
Banff Mountain Film Festival9/9/1420140909
Double Indemnity (70th Anniversary)9/18/1420140918
An Evening with Loretta Lynn9/20/1420140920
Get the Led Out: A Led Zeppelin Tribute9/23/1420140923
John Grey's Best Selling Book- Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus Live!9/26/1420140926
George Thorogood & The Destroyers10/4/1420141004
Kidz Bop Kids10/5/1420141005
The Hit Men 10/10/1420141010
Circus Electronica 10/11/1420141011
Love Cannon10/22/1420141022
Young Frankenstein (40th Anniversary)10/23/1420141023
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/24/1420141024
Masters of Illusion10/27/1420141027
Vienna Boy's Choir11/1/1420141101
Amadeus (30th Anniversary Screening)11/7/1420141107
Gone with the Wind (75th Anniversary Screening)11/13/1420141113
Craig Ferguson11/14/1420141114
Meet Me in St. Louis 11/20/1420141120
Toad the Wet Sprocket 11/21/1420141121
Defending the Caveman (Broadway's Hit Comedy about the Sexes)11/22/1420141122
7th Annual Rockin' Holiday Concert Christmas Express11/29/1420141129
Christmas Express11/29/1420141129
Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker 12/9/1420141209
Lorrie Morgan (Enchanted Christmas Tour 2014)12/16/1420141216
Jim Brickman on a Winter's Night12/17/1420141217
White Christmas (60th Anniversary)12/18/1420141218
Home on the Range1/13/1720170113
Family Night at the Orpheum1/20/1720170120
This Is Spinal Tap1/21/1720170121
Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin II1/28/1720170128
The Drifters2/4/1720170204
Hotel California2/10/1720170210
ABBA MANIA2/14/1720170214
Tower of Power2/15/1720170215
Bram Stoker’s Dracula2/16/1720170216
Academy Award Shorts2/18/1720170218
Gabriel Swaggart Rally2/24/1720170224
Odd Squad Live!2/25/1720170225
Amira Dance 20173/4/1720170304
Imparables el Show3/11/1720170311
Imparables el Show3/11/1720170311
Cool Hand Luke3/16/1720170316
Olate Dogs3/18/1720170318
Travis Tritt3/19/1720170319
Gridiron 20173/30/1720170330
Gridiron 20173/31/1720170331
Gridiron 20174/1/1720170401
One Woman Sex and The City4/2/1720170402
Masters of Soul4/6/1720170406
Todrick Hall4/7/1720170407
Blues Traveler4/9/1720170409
Pat Metheny4/15/1720170415
The Princess Bride4/20/1720170420
Alice in Wonderland4/22/1720170422
Alice in Wonderland4/22/1720170422
I Am Not Your Negro4/27/1720170427
Pink Floyd: The Wall4/28/1720170428
David Sedaris4/30/1720170430
Living Legends: Seasons5/2/1720170502
The Steel Wheels5/6/1720170506
Jester Awards 20175/12/1720170512
Home on the Range5/13/1720170513
Bobby Bones5/19/1720170519
Bobby Bones5/20/1720170520
Conor Oberst5/24/1720170524
Wayne’s World6/1/1720170601
Brit Floyd6/7/1720170607
Brian Regan6/9/1720170609
Daniel O’Donnell6/11/1720170611
David Blaine6/12/1720170612
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff6/13/1720170613
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial6/15/1720170615
Down to the Wire Top 10 Showcase6/18/1720170618
Jonny Lang6/23/1720170623
A Hard Day’s Night7/7/1720170707
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring7/10/1720170710
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers7/17/1720170717
High Noon7/20/1720170720
Melissa Etheridge7/23/1720170723
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King7/24/1720170724
Lyle Lovett & His Large Band7/26/1720170726
Heaven Collide7/28/1720170728
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan7/31/1720170731
War on the Catwalk8/3/1720170803
The Everly Brothers Experience8/6/1720170806
Star Trek: First Contact8/7/1720170807
Star Trek (2009)8/14/1720170814
Raising Arizona8/17/1720170817
Alithea Mime Theatre8/19/1720170819
Monterey Pop8/25/1720170825
Three Dog Night9/8/1720170908
Science Friday Live9/9/1720170909
My One Life9/16/1720170916
The Dark Crystal9/21/1720170921
Smokey and the Bandit9/22/1720170922
Rodney Carrington9/29/1720170929
Gov’t Mule10/4/1720171004
John Edward10/5/1720171005
A Night with Janis Joplin10/6/1720171006
Rick Riordan10/7/1720171007
John Carpenter’s The Thing10/12/1720171012
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/1720171020
Tallgrass Film Festival10/21/1720171021
Tallgrass Film Festival10/22/1720171022
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/27/1720171027
Songfest 201710/28/1720171028
Dream Theater11/2/1720171102
William Shatner11/3/1720171103
Red Hand11/4/1720171104
A Face in the Crowd11/16/1720171116
Rock & Soul Road Show11/18/1720171118
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker11/20/1720171120
Shopkins Live!11/24/1720171124
Straight No Chaser11/28/1720171128
How to Survive a Plague12/1/1720171201
American English12/2/1720171202
Mark O’Connor’s An Appalachian Christmas12/7/1720171207
Tommy Emmanuel CGP12/8/1720171208
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation12/9/1720171209
School of Rock12/10/1720171210
A Drag Queen Christmas12/15/1720171215
Miracle on 34th Street12/21/1720171221
The Pink Panther1/18/1820180118
Equal Means Equal1/19/1820180119
Steve Treviño1/26/1820180126
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live!2/1/1820180201
ABBA Mania2/13/1820180213
Sleepless in Seattle2/15/1820180215
Dennis DeYoung2/17/1820180217
Haters Roast2/23/1820180223
The Last Waltz2/24/1820180224
2018 Oscar® Nominated Short Films2/24/1820180224
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band3/1/1820180301
Dance Magic! FUSION!3/3/1820180303
The Black Jacket Symphony3/10/1820180310
Imparables El Show3/24/1820180324
Imparables El Show3/24/1820180324
Gridiron 20184/5/1820180405
Randy Brown Gridiron Curtain Call4/6/1820180406
Gridiron 20184/6/1820180406
Gridiron 20184/7/1820180407
The Outhouse4/14/1820180414
Ken Stein4/18/1820180418
“Weird Al” Yankovic4/28/1820180428
Estrellas de Mariachi5/11/1820180511
Dazed and Confused5/17/1820180517
Las Arpias5/18/1820180518
Wild Kratts Live!5/19/1820180519
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff5/22/1820180522
Eddie Money5/23/1820180523
Gary Owen & Friends5/25/1820180525
Eddie Griffin6/16/1820180616
Diana Krall6/17/1820180617
Back to the Future6/18/1820180618
Mary Chapin Carpenter6/20/1820180620
Grease: Sing-A-Long6/21/1820180621
American Graffiti6/30/1820180630
Down to the Wire7/1/1820180701
Johnnyswim + Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors7/3/1820180703
Batman Returns7/9/1820180709
Once Upon a Time in the West7/19/1820180719
The Mads are Back!8/3/1820180803
The Mads are Back!8/4/1820180804
Mike Epps8/5/1820180805
David Feherty8/9/1820180809
Miranda Sings Live8/10/1820180810
Animal House8/16/1820180816
Chris D’Elia8/17/1820180817
Eddie B8/25/1820180825
Greg Palast8/31/1820180831
Jeanne Robertson9/8/1820180908
Heather Land9/13/1820180913
Wild & Scenic Film Festival9/15/1820180915
Enter the Dragon9/20/1820180920
Stephen Stills & Judy Collins9/21/1820180921
Johnny Rivers9/22/1820180922
Gordon Lightfoot9/25/1820180925
Keb’ Mo’ Band9/29/1820180929
Jay Owenhouse9/30/1820180930
Henry Rollins10/5/1820181005
Black Violin10/6/1820181006
The Breeders10/11/1820181011
Paula Poundstone10/13/1820181013
Tallgrass Film Festival10/18/1820181018
Tallgrass Film Festival10/19/1820181019
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/1820181020
Tallgrass Film Festival10/21/1820181021
Hocus Pocus10/25/1820181025
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/26/1820181026
Songfest 201810/27/1820181027
The Tenors11/1/1820181101
The Fab Four11/3/1820181103
Tiffany Jenkins11/7/1820181107
Close To You: The Music of the Carpenters11/9/1820181109
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker11/11/1820181111
Coming to America11/15/1820181115
Celeste Barber11/19/1820181119
The Priests11/23/1820181123
A Charlie Brown Christmas11/29/1820181129
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation12/1/1820181201
Menopause The Musical®12/2/1820181202
A Drag Queen Christmas12/6/1820181206
Lewis Black12/7/1820181207
Jim Brickman12/8/1820181208
Scrooge (1935)12/15/1820181215
Cherish the Ladies12/16/1820181216
Home Free12/19/1820181219
A Christmas Story12/20/1820181220
Kathleen Madigan1/11/1920190111
The Matrix1/17/1920190117
Beatles vs Stones1/22/1920190122
Brian Regan1/24/1920190124
Girl Scouts Movie Matinee1/26/1920190126
Piff the Magic Dragon2/2/1920190202
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox2/15/1920190215
When Harry Met Sally2/21/1920190221
ABBA Mania2/22/1920190222
Lauren Daigle2/28/1920190228
ICT Lip Sync Battle3/5/1920190305
The Wizard of Oz3/14/1920190314
Felipe Esparza3/16/1920190316
Puddles Pity Party3/25/1920190325
The SteelDrivers3/30/1920190330
Chonda Pierce3/31/1920190331
American Girl Live4/4/1920190404
Jo Koy4/6/1920190406
Office Space4/18/1920190418
Gridiron 20194/25/1920190425
Gridiron 20194/26/1920190426
Gridiron 20194/27/1920190427
Steven Curtis Chapman5/2/1920190502
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure5/16/1920190516
Brit Floyd6/7/1920190607
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff6/11/1920190611
John Cusack + Say Anything6/13/1920190613
American Pie6/14/1920190614
Big Fat Fun6/15/1920190615
Easy Rider6/20/1920190620
10 Things I Hate About You6/21/1920190621
Tom Segura6/28/1920190628
Tom Segura6/28/1920190628
Wichita Pride Movie Nite6/29/1920190629
James and the Giant Peach6/30/1920190630
Take 36 Showcase6/30/1920190630
The Boondock Saints7/12/1920190712
Fantastic Mr. Fox7/14/1920190714
Mary Poppins7/18/1920190718
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory7/21/1920190721
Donny Edwards7/27/1920190727
After Tiller8/8/1920190808
Cruel Intentions8/9/1920190809
The Wild Bunch8/15/1920190815
Jon Anderson of YES8/18/1920190818
Fight Club8/23/1920190823
Robert Cray8/31/1920190831
Sebastian Maniscalco9/14/1920190914
North By Northwest9/19/1920190919
Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul9/20/1920190920
The Greatest Showman Sing-Along9/21/1920190921
Thirst & Broadway9/24/1920190924
Nick Offerman9/28/1920190928
Nick Offerman9/28/1920190928
The Fab Four10/5/1920191005
Young Frankenstein10/10/1920191010
Chad Prather10/12/1920191012
Tallgrass Film Festival10/17/1920191017
Tallgrass Film Festival10/18/1920191018
Tallgrass Film Festival10/19/1920191019
Tallgrass Film Festival10/20/1920191020
Ryan Bingham10/22/1920191022
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/25/1920191025
Songfest 201910/26/1920191026
Goo Goo Dolls10/30/1920191030
The Marcus King Band11/1/1920191101
Peppa Pig’s Adventure11/2/1920191102
Kris Kristofferson & the Strangers11/6/1920191106
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Wrecking Ball Show11/8/1920191108
Anjelah Johnson11/15/1920191115
Michael W. Smith11/16/1920191116
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live11/19/1920191119
Dead Poets Society11/21/1920191121
Whose Live Anyway?11/22/1920191122
Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker11/23/1920191123
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical12/4/1920191204
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation12/7/1920191207
A Million Dollar Christmas12/13/1920191213
White Christmas12/19/1920191219
Jenny Wood12/20/1920191220
Close to You: A Carpenters Christmas12/21/1920191221
Monty Python & the Holy Grail1/16/2020200116
Orpheum Theatre Ghost Tour1/18/2020200118
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood LIVE!2/10/2020200210
ABBA Mania2/21/2020200221
God Save the Wings2/22/2020200222
That Golden Girls Show!2/28/2020200228
Travis Tritt2/29/2020200229
Wichita: The Air Capital3/6/2020200306
Black Jacket Symphony3/12/2020200312
Orpheum Alive! Injoy Fountain (Virtual)7/17/2020200717
Orpheum Alive! Terry Quiett Band (Virtual)7/23/2020200723
Orpheum Alive! Jenny Wood (Virtual)8/7/2020200807
Jim Brickman (Virtual)12/13/2020201213
The Hip Hop Nutcracker (Virtual)12/17/2020201217
The Hip Hop Nutcracker (Virtual)12/18/2020201218
MasterChef Junior Live!4/28/2120210428
Jenny Wood5/21/2120210521
Orpheum Ghost Hunt6/4/2120210604
Orpheum Ghost Hunt6/4/2120210604
Orpheum Ghost Hunt6/5/2120210605
Orpheum Ghost Hunt6/5/2120210605
Come Together: A Beatles Revue6/25/2120210625
Come Together: A Beatles Revue6/26/2120210626
RESCHEDULED: Beatles vs Stones9/10/2120210910
The Magic of Bill Blagg9/18/2120210918
Theresa Caputo9/25/2120210925
Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story9/26/2120210926
Fortune Feimster10/1/2120211001
The Dead Can’t Dance10/16/2120211016
This Is Love10/19/2120211019
Tallgrass Film Festival10/21/2120211021
Tallgrass Film Festival10/22/2120211022
Tallgrass Film Festival10/23/2120211023
Tallgrass Film Festival10/24/2120211024
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/29/2120211029
Straight No Chaser10/31/2120211031
Rick Wakeman11/6/2120211106
Songfest 202111/7/2120211107
ABBA Mania11/13/2120211113
Lindsey Stirling11/30/2120211130
Bob Saget12/2/2120211202
Edward Scissorhands12/4/2120211204
Zach Williams12/9/2120211209
John Crist12/10/2120211210
Home Alone12/11/2120211211
Jason Mraz12/14/2120211214
A Drag Queen Christmas12/16/2120211216
Lindsey Buckingham12/18/2120211218
It’s A Wonderful Life12/19/2120211219
Sister Act1/13/2220220113
Nate Bargatze1/19/2220220119
Nate Bargatze1/20/2220220120
Disney Princess – The Concert1/30/2220220130
Bert Kreischer2/4/2220220204
Bert Kreischer2/4/2220220204
Jo Koy2/5/2220220205
Trey Kennedy2/6/2220220206
Rob Schneider2/12/2220220212
Close to You2/19/2220220219
Liverpool Legends2/25/2220220225
Leanne Morgan2/26/2220220226
Tom Segura3/8/2220220308
Tom Segura3/9/2220220309
The Funny AF Comedy Tour3/11/2220220311
Freddie Jackson3/12/2220220312
Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros3/14/2220220314
A League of Their Own3/24/2220220324
Summer of Soul4/7/2220220407
Ashley McBryde4/8/2220220408
Strictly Ballroom4/21/2220220421
Jimmie Allen4/22/2220220422
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes4/23/2220220423
Henry Rollins4/25/2220220425
BYU Vocal Point4/28/2220220428
Under the Streetlamp5/1/2220220501
Dionne Warwick5/1/2220220501
Black Panther5/6/2220220506
Robert Earl Keen5/18/2220220518
The Graduate5/19/2220220519
Brian Regan5/21/2220220521
Love & Basketball5/26/2220220526
Beatles vs Stones5/27/2220220527
Night of the Living Jedd5/28/2220220528
I Love My Dad6/23/2220220623
Patton Oswalt6/25/2220220625
Take 36 Top 10 Showcase6/26/2220220626
Do The Right Thing6/30/2220220630
In the Heat of the Night7/14/2220220714
Kurtis Conner7/22/2220220722
Smokey and the Bandit8/19/2220220819
Chris D’Elia8/27/2220220827
100th Anniversary Kick Off & Mural Reveal Party9/2/2220220902
Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival9/3/2220220903
The Contested Plains9/9/2220220909
Disney Junior Live On Tour: Costume Palooza9/14/2220220914
Circus On Ice9/22/2220220922
Chris Mann9/23/2220220923
My Name is NOT Mom9/25/2220220925
Tallgrass Film Festival9/29/2220220929
Tallgrass Film Festival9/30/2220220930
Tallgrass Film Festival10/1/2220221001
Tallgrass Film Festival10/2/2220221002
Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt10/9/2220221009
Theo Von10/11/2220221011
Theo Von10/12/2220221012
The Lost Boys10/20/2220221020
Chonda Pierce10/21/2220221021
Whose Live Anyway?10/22/2220221022
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox10/23/2220221023
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/2220221028
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/2220221028
David Sedaris11/5/2220221105
Celebrating David Bowie11/9/2220221109
Cirque Musica11/10/2220221110
Black Jacket Symphony11/11/2220221111
JP Sears11/12/2220221112
Blue October11/13/2220221113
Joe Bonamassa11/15/2220221115
Indigo Girls11/16/2220221116
My Cousin Vinny11/17/2220221117
Los Chicos del 51211/19/2220221119
Michael Martin Murphey11/26/2220221126
Clint Black12/3/2220221203
DC Young Fly12/9/2220221209
Jim Brickman12/10/2220221210
Miracle on 34th Street12/15/2220221215
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation12/17/2220221217
A Drag Queen Christmas12/18/2220221218
Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life1/19/2320230119
Hairon: Cancelled2/4/2320230204
Keillor & Company2/10/2320230210
MANIA: The ABBA Tribute2/11/2320230211
Bringing Up Baby2/16/2320230216
Liverpool Legends2/25/2320230225
The Black Jacket Symphony3/10/2320230310
Million Dollar Time Machine3/17/2320230317
Johnny Cash & Neil Diamond Tribute3/25/2320230325
Take 36 Top 10 Showcase3/26/2320230326
Thirst & Broadway3/28/2320230328
A Midsummer Night’s Dream4/1/2320230401
A Midsummer Night’s Dream4/1/2320230401
Beyond Homeless: Finding Hope4/5/2320230405
Potted Potter4/15/2320230415
Potted Potter4/16/2320230416
Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke4/20/2320230420
Zach Williams4/21/2320230421
The Commodores4/23/2320230423
Least of These Premiere4/30/2320230430
Menopause The Musical®5/4/2320230504
Midwest R&B Fest5/13/2320230513
The Sandlot5/18/2320230518
César Lozano6/14/2320230614
Funny Girl6/15/2320230615
George Michael Reborn6/17/2320230617
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof7/20/2320230720
Boz Scaggs7/26/2320230726
Bobby Bones8/11/2320230811
Bobby Bones8/12/2320230812
True Romance8/17/2320230817
Fortune Feimster8/18/2320230818
Craig Ferguson8/22/2320230822
This Is Spinal Tap8/26/2320230826
Miranda Sings8/26/2320230826
Devon Allman & Donavon Frankenreiter9/9/2320230909
Heather Land9/15/2320230915
Caroline Campbell9/15/2320230915
The Wedding Singer9/21/2320230921
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band9/23/2320230923
Whose Live Anyway?9/26/2320230926
Girl Named Tom9/29/2320230929
Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour9/30/2320230930
Disney Encanto: The Sing Along Film Concert10/3/2320231003
The Foolers10/5/2320231005
Tallgrass Film Festival10/6/2320231006
Tallgrass Film Festival10/7/2320231007
Tallgrass Film Festival10/8/2320231008
Charlie Berens10/12/2320231012
Snow White by Grand Kyiv Ballet10/13/2320231013
Amy Grant10/14/2320231014
October ARTS MIXR10/18/2320231018
Orpheum Ghost Hunt10/19/2320231019
The Black Jacket Symphony10/20/2320231020
The Seeds10/21/2320231021
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/27/2320231027
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/27/2320231027
Songfest 202310/28/2320231028
Emo Orchestra feat. Hawthorne Heights11/1/2320231101
Steve Treviño11/3/2320231103
Matt Mathews11/4/2320231104
Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience11/5/2320231105
Orpheum Ghost Hunt11/10/2320231110
Orpheum Ghost Hunt11/10/2320231110
Nurse Blake11/15/2320231115
Joseph Hall11/18/2320231118
One Night of Tina11/30/2320231130
John Cusack12/2/2320231202
Chris Isaak12/3/2320231203
Joe Gatto12/7/2320231207
Thirst & Broadway12/13/2320231213
Blue October12/14/2320231214
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation12/15/2320231215
The Polar Express12/17/2320231217
Die Hard12/21/2320231221
Kathleen Madigan1/12/2420240112
Within Her Storied Walls1/19/2420240119
Mania: The ABBA Tribute1/27/2420240127
Brincos Dieras2/2/2420240202
Black Violin2/6/2420240206
Alicia Villarreal2/8/2420240208
Johnny Cash – The Official Concert Experience2/9/2420240209
Troop Beverly Hills2/15/2420240215
Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox2/20/2420240220
Thirst & Broadway2/29/2420240229
The Psychology of Serial Killers3/5/2420240305
Drew Lynch3/6/2420240306
Lights! Camera! Murder!3/9/2420240309
The Black Jacket Symphony3/14/2420240314
Jo Koy3/15/2420240315
Rear Window3/21/2420240321
Liverpool Legends3/22/2420240322
Trey Kennedy: Grow Up3/30/2420240330
Glenn Miller Orchestra4/7/2420240407
When Doves Cry4/13/2420240413
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy4/18/2420240418
An R-Rated Magic Show4/19/2420240419
The Tierney Sutton Band4/20/2420240420
Rend Collective4/25/2420240425
Dawn of the Dead4/26/2420240426
The Comedy Function4/27/2420240427
Electrify Your Symphony with the Mark Wood Experience5/11/2420240511
Emo Orchestra feat. Escape the Fate5/12/2420240512
Serial Mom5/16/2420240516
Josh Gates Live!5/17/2420240517
Pete Davidson5/22/2420240522
Pete Davidson5/22/2420240522

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