The Orpheum Theatre is dedicated to providing persons with disabilities the necessary measures for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Please contact the theatre directly at 316-263-0884 with any questions, requests or concerns.

There is no elevator to the mezzanine or balcony levels at the Orpheum Theatre due to the historical nature of the building. The theatre offers accessible seating in various areas on the orchestra level at various ticket prices. Tickets for these seats are not available to the general public but will be released for sale when no two adjacent seats are available in the given price level. Each guest who requires accessible seating may purchase up to 3 adjacent seats for companions, subject to availability. Additional party members will be seated nearby or in other seating. Special consideration will be given to families for children’s productions. Please request accessible seating when you purchase your tickets. Accessible seating is available for purchase over the phone through Select-A-Seat at 316-755-7328.

Due to the fact there is no elevator at the Orpheum Theatre, patrons with mobility restrictions, including walking up or down stairs, should purchase tickets on the orchestra level.

If a guest wishes to transfer from their wheelchair to fixed seats the wheelchair will be taken to the outer lobby to comply with local fire code regulations. At the end of the performance an usher will return the wheelchair to the guest. We do not recommend transferring to fixed seats unless absolutely necessary as this may hinder evacuation in emergency situations.

If a guest does not use a wheelchair but needs assistance walking from the lobby to their seat, please call the Orpheum in advance to arrange for the use of our house wheelchair. Please understand that our staff is unable to physically assist guests.

If your situation changes after you have purchased tickets and you find you will need special accommodations, please contact the theatre to make arrangements in advance. If, after arriving at the theatre, you find your seats to be unsatisfactory, please notify an usher. Depending on availability, we may be able to accommodate a change in seating.

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