Past Events

Event Name Event Date
The Fab Four1/21/1520150121
Ricky Skaggs1/23/1520150123
School of Rock1/24/1520150124
Oscar-Nominated Shorts Program2/14/1520150214
Navy Band Great Lakes2/16/1520150216
Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody2/18/1520150218
The Philadelphia Story2/19/1520150219
Gin Blossoms with special guest VEHICLES2/27/1520150227
The Australian Bee Gees Show2/28/1520150228
Ailey II3/6/1520150306
Amirḁs Dance Magic 20153/7/1520150307
Antarctica: A Year on Ice3/8/1520150308
ABBA Mania3/9/1520150309
The Priests3/15/1520150315
The Goonies3/19/1520150319
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives3/21/1520150321
Psychic Medium John Edward3/22/1520150322
The Wrecking Crew4/9/1520150409
Black Violin4/10/1520150410
Wild Kratts (two performances)4/11/1520150411
Second City Hits Home4/12/1520150412
IÌ¥ll Be Me: Glen Campbell Documentary4/21/1520150421
A Night at The Opera4/23/1520150423
ICT ArtDOG: 24-Hour Fundraiser4/24/1520150424
Shock The Yard presented by Wichita State University4/25/1520150425
Jester Awards presented by Music Theatre Wichita5/8/1520150508
Seymour: An Introduction5/10/1520150510
Chris Botti presented by the Grumpy Old Men5/16/1520150516
Sunset Boulevard5/21/1520150521
Brit Floyd6/8/1520150608
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff (at INTRUST Bank Arena)6/9/1520150609
Celebration of Life for Tanya Tandoc6/11/1520150611
Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Competition6/14/1520150614
Raiders of the Lost Ark6/15/1520150615
Back To The Future6/18/1520150618
Steve Rue6/27/1520150627
"Weird Al" Yankovic7/1/1520150701
The Tribe7/12/1520150712
Empire of the Sun7/13/1520150713
Ocean̥s 117/16/1520150716
Summerland Tour 20157/22/1520150722
Graham Nash7/24/1520150724
Robert Earl Keen7/26/1520150726
Jason Isbell8/2/1520150802
Close Encounters of the Third Kind8/10/1520150810
Jurassic Park8/17/1520150817
Peter Frampton8/19/1520150819
The Raging Idiots8/28/1520150828
The Raging Idiots8/29/1520150829
Tallest Man on Earth9/8/1520150908
Call Me Lucky9/13/1520150913
Justin Hayward9/14/1520150914
Banff Film Festival 9/15/1520150915
The Seven Year Itch: 2015 Classic Film Series9/17/1520150917
Ballet Folkl‰ÛÓrico de M_xico9/18/1520150918
Last Comic Standing9/23/1520150923
Robert Cray9/24/1520150924
The Rat Pack is Back9/26/1520150926
Searching for Home9/29/1520150929
Third Day10/1/1520151001
Donny Edwards10/3/1520151003
Ralphie May10/4/1520151004
Sketch On Stage10/9/1520151009
Chamber Theatre10/12/1520151012
Tallgrass Film Festival10/14/1520151014
Tallgrass Film Festival10/15/1520151015
Tallgrass Film Festival10/16/1520151016
Tallgrass Film Festival10/17/1520151017
Tallgrass Film Festival10/18/1520151018
Swan Lake10/21/1520151021
Asleep at the Wheel with The Cherokee Maidens10/23/1520151023
WSU Songfest10/24/1520151024
Norah Jones10/29/1520151029
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/30/1520151030
Eight Days10/31/1520151031
Rob Thomas11/4/1520151104
600 Miles: Indie at The Orpheum 11/8/1520151108
The Blues Brothers: 2015 Classic Film Series11/19/1520151119
Late Night Catechism 11/20/1520151120
Christmas Express11/28/1520151128
Michael McDonald 11/29/1520151129
American English12/5/1520151205
An Irish Christmas12/9/1520151209
Eddie Izzard12/14/1520151214
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy12/15/1520151215
Christmas In Connecticut12/17/1520151217
School of Rock1/16/1620160116
Brennan World Premiere1/23/1620160123
Girl Crazy 1/30/1620160130
Arlo Guthrie 2/13/1620160213
Oscar Shorts2/20/1620160220
Lisa Lampanelli2/27/1620160227
Amira's Dance Magic3/5/1620160305
Lyle Lovett & Robert Earl Keen3/11/1620160311
A Night With Janis Joplin3/16/1620160316
Harold and Maude3/17/1620160317
PFX: The Pink Floyd Experience3/22/1620160322
Get Motivated3/29/1620160329
Leo Kottke4/2/1620160402
Daniel Tiger4/9/1620160409
Clay Cooper4/19/1620160419
Stephen Fite4/20/1620160420
Thelma & Louise4/21/1620160421
A Night to Remember4/22/1620160422
ArtDOG - Herb & Dorothy4/29/1620160429
School of Rock5/8/1620160508
Dirty Paws5/10/1620160510
Jester Awards5/13/1620160513
A Celebration of This Thing Called Life: Purple Rain & Under the Cherry Moon5/14/1620160514
Bruce Hornsby5/17/1620160517
Pretty in Pink5/19/1620160519
Bobby Bones5/21/1620160521
Dave Chappelle6/10/1620160610
Dave Chappelle6/11/1620160611
Dave Chappelle (2nd show)6/11/1620160611
Celebrity & Chef Cookoff (at INTRUST Bank Arena)6/14/1620160614
Two Wild and Crazy Movies: The Jerk & The Man with Two Brains6/18/1620160618
Down to the Wire6/19/1620160619
Escape From New York6/20/1620160620
Sketch on Stage 2: Return of the Sketch6/24/1620160624
Jared and The Mill 6/25/1620160625
Homeward Bound7/12/1620160712
Black Magic Drink Along: The Witches of Eastwick & Death Becomes Her7/15/1620160715
All Dogs Go to Heaven7/19/1620160719
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly7/21/1620160721
Lost Theaters of Wichita7/23/1620160723
Blade Runner7/25/1620160725
Dirty Dancing8/1/1620160801
Transformers: The Movie8/5/1620160805
Oliver & Company8/9/1620160809
Los Lonely Boys8/12/1620160812
Spice World / Clueless8/13/1620160813
Red Dawn8/15/1620160815
Taxi Diver8/18/1620160818
Magic Men Live!8/26/1620160826
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory9/9/1620160909
Banff Film Festival9/12/1620160912
A Streetcar Named Desire9/15/1620160915
The Anonymous People9/24/1620160924
John Hiatt9/25/1620160925
The Coffee Man9/30/1620160930
Alton Brown10/6/1620161006
Oak Ridge Boys10/7/1620161007
Elvis Costello10/8/1620161008
Chamber Theatre10/10/1620161010
Rockin' Road to Dublin10/11/1620161011
Tallgrass Film Fest10/12/1620161012
Tallgrass Film Fest10/13/1620161013
Tallgrass Film Fest10/14/1620161014
Tallgrass Film Fest10/15/1620161015
Tallgrass Film Fest10/16/1620161016
Wings of Hope10/22/1620161022
Boz Scaggs10/23/1620161023
The Rocky Horror Picture Show10/28/1620161028
Wichita State University Songfest10/29/1620161029
Blue's Brothers Revue11/5/1620161105
The Summit - The Manhattan Transfer & Take 611/6/1620161106
Ronnie Milsap11/10/1620161110
The Royal Tenenbaums11/17/1620161117
Lewis Black11/18/1620161118
Black Violin11/19/1620161119
Chubby Checker11/20/1620161120
Henry Rollins11/21/1620161121
Christmas Express11/26/1620161126
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical12/8/1620161208
American English12/9/1620161209
It's A Wonderful Life12/15/1620161215
Jim Brickman12/17/1620161217
The Hip Hop Nutcracker12/20/1620161220
Home on the Range1/13/1720170113
Family Night at the Orpheum1/20/1720170120
This Is Spinal Tap1/21/1720170121
Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin II1/28/1720170128
The Drifters2/4/1720170204
Hotel California2/10/1720170210
ABBA MANIA2/14/1720170214
Tower of Power2/15/1720170215
Bram Stoker’s Dracula2/16/1720170216
Academy Award Shorts2/18/1720170218
Gabriel Swaggart Rally2/24/1720170224
Odd Squad Live!2/25/1720170225
Amira Dance 20173/4/1720170304
Imparables el Show3/11/1720170311
Imparables el Show3/11/1720170311
Cool Hand Luke3/16/1720170316
Olate Dogs3/18/1720170318
Travis Tritt3/19/1720170319
Gridiron 20173/30/1720170330
Gridiron 20173/31/1720170331
Gridiron 20174/1/1720170401
One Woman Sex and The City4/2/1720170402
Masters of Soul4/6/1720170406
Todrick Hall4/7/1720170407
Blues Traveler4/9/1720170409
Pat Metheny4/15/1720170415
The Princess Bride4/20/1720170420
Alice in Wonderland4/22/1720170422
Alice in Wonderland4/22/1720170422