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The film tracks a ragtag group of combat veterans in New York whose anti-war art, poetry and papermaking keep them together, despite the spectre of their friend’s suicide and that healing from war is sometimes an impossible mission. Producer(s): Noah Lang, Rosario Dawson


1:15PM – 18 1/2

A 1970s-era Watergate conspiracy thriller/dark comedy. Producer(s): Dan Mirvish, Daniel Moya, Terry Keefe. Regional Premiere. This film is in competition for the Stubbornly Independent Award



Documentary. In a divided America, Van Jones controversially works across party lines on landmark criminal justice reform and a more humane response to the addiction crisis. Attempting to be a bridge builder in a time of extreme polarization takes him deep into the inner workings of a divisive administration, internal debates within both parties, and the lives of frontline activists fighting for their communities. Produced by Lance Kramer


The country was transitioning from the late 1970s into the 80s and pop culture was shifting along with it. It was a decade of excess and excitement and made for the perfect introduction to a new, uniquely American take on a familiar sport. It was called the Major Indoor Soccer League. The “slow,” “low scoring,” “boring” European sport was transformed and rebranded as “hockey on turf” and for a short, but exciting time America fell in love with it.

From East to West all the major markets had a team: Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New York, the list goes on. But one city had a franchise that didn’t fit within that roster: Wichita, KS.

With the help of several passionate owners, a charming Liverpudlian Coach, a roster of talented, sexy, pro athletes from Denmark, England, and beyond, and an energetic and dedicated fanbase, the Wichita Wings held their own in the most exciting sports league of the decade. “God Save the Wings” chronicles their journey through the 80s, sharing the thrills, wackiness, and flagrant debauchery; their triumphant victories and shattering defeats. Told in a style that matches the cheesiness and kitsch of the 1980s, this film serves as a time machine for a period when American Pop Culture was just plain fun.

Centerpiece Gala Party Sponsored In Memory of James Sprowl to follow immediately after the Q&A on 1st Street outside the Orpheum.


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