Million Dollar Time Machine

Presented by Denial 3 Productions


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A musical act from the FUTURE, performing with MILLION DOLLAR acts from the PAST and bringing it all together for you right here in the PRESENT.

Ever wish you could go back in time? Now you can, WITH THE WORLD’S ONE AND ONLY TIME MACHINE LIVE ON STAGE!

America’s newest musical sensation, Million Dollar Time Machine™ is coming to a city near you and there is nothing like it in the world. 24 of the greatest artists that have ever lived will emerge one by one from a time machine and share the same stage for a truly epic and mind-blowing evening of music! You will be taken on a journey, A JOURNEY NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!

The TIME has come. For YOU. To relive your PAST. Million Dollar Time Machine™ is the ultimate time travel experience and features only the best impersonators from around the world. Each night, the time machine year clock stops at 24 of the most defining points in the history of music and will summon which ever artist it chooses, pulling them from the year when they were at the height of their career!

You can expect to see the best live performances from million dollar acts such as:

Bon Jovi ~ Tina Turner ~ Bono ~ Elvis Presley ~ Cher ~ Prince ~ Johnny Cash ~ Ozzy Osbourne ~ Bryan Adams ~ Whitney Houston ~ Celine Dion ~ Michael Jackson ~ The Beatles ~ PLUS MANY MORE!!!

Featuring the 22nd century band, INFINITY, a musical act from the future, performing with million dollar acts from the past and bringing it all together for YOU right here in the present. America’s most popular show will leave you in complete suspense because you never know who will emerge from the Million Dollar Time Machine™ next!

Get ready to ride the space time continuum of music, The future has arrived! Welcome to MILLION DOLLAR TIME MACHINE™.

Ticket Prices

Price Location/Details
$45 Upper Balcony
$55 Lower Balcony Rows AD-AG
$65 Orchestra Rows G-W & Lower Balcony Rows AA-AC
$89 VIP Orchestra Rows A-F***

Doors Open

7 p.m.

***VIP Details: VIP tickets include a Meet & Greet / Q&A 30 minutes prior to house doors opening

Ages 2 and up require a ticket

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