Friends of the Orpheum

For the last 99 years, generous donors have been at the heart of the Orpheum Theatre. Through private donations from individuals and foundations, the historic theatre at the corner of First and Broadway has withstood the test of time thanks to hundreds of caring people in our community and across the country. Thank you to each and every one of you on behalf of the staff and Board of Directors of the Orpheum Performing Arts Centre, LTD.

With special thanks to both our new and also dedicated benefactors of $500 and above, we celebrate their contributions from 2021:

Platinum VIP - $50,000+

Richard and Deb Campbell
Dawson and Patty Grimsley

Diamond VIP - $10,000+

Kaelene Artz
Eby Construction Co
Alan and Sharon Fearey
Glen Nilsen and Kristin Bayer
Roger and Jaki Scholfield

Gold – $5,000+

Kari Blakley
James and Rachelle Depew
Sherii Farmer
Bernard and Alberta Nichols
Steve Nossaman
Steven Overstreet
Douglas and Kathi Stark
Don and Janice Zerbe

Silver – $2,500+

Greg and Debbie Allison
Emily Bonavia
Ann Garvey
Linder & Associates
Jeff and Becky Lucke
James Mason
Andrew and Jamie Mies
Roger Rufenacht

Investor – $1,000+

Association of County Employees
Allen and Kim Bell
Richard and Deb Campbell
Patricia Cather
Earlene Condiff
Harold and Lynda Connell
Tom and Myra Devlin
Debbie Dunne
Eric Engstrom
James and Jane Garvey
Annette Grattan
Richard Hay
C Larry Heck
Chris Kubik
Landmark Commercial Real Estate, INC.
Derry and Kay Larson
Jeff and Martha Linsner
Dan and Lynette Murphy
Cindy Nolte
Daniel and Kate Scheer
Charles Spradlin
Daniel J Taylor Family Foundation
Jimmy and Evette Washington

Contributor – $500+

Roy and Ann Baker
Jeremy and Rachel Banning
Fred Jr. and Suzanne Berry
Bill and Susie Braun
Barbara Coats
Shaker and Kathie Dakhil
Nolan Dealy
James Delmore, M.D.
Martin and Terri Dondlinger
Kevin and Tracey Dreiling
Steve English
Timothy and Tracy Farrell
Pat Fields
Schoen and Nancy Fitzgerald
David and Maci Hall
David and Cheryl Hill
Jim and Sharon Kincaid
Alana Longwell
David and Barbara Rolph
Keith and Georgia Stevens
Dale and Alice Wiggins
Marni Vliet

Donor List as of March 4th, 2022

The Orpheum Performing Arts Centre, Ltd. is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Ticket sales alone do not allow us to fully realize our multi-faceted mission and continue operating and programming our historic theatre. We rely on your support not only to assist us in paying for labor, artists fees, maintenance and operating costs, but to engage the community with programs that educate and challenge, as well as to entertain the public with a broad array of performing arts events.